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     We bring the strengths and skill sets to transform an organization through performance analysis, process improvements, policy development, and operating procedures with defined forms of objective evidence for file documentation with the over-arching goal of remaining audit-ready. 

     Our business and academic professionals demonstrate the experience and skills needed to readily understand the requisite requirements for improving upon the existing business platform, or to successfully GROW an organization or business enterprise to the next level.  

     Team members skillfully collaborate with clients to define and address the "right problems at the right time" fueled by strategies and new practices that will elevate the organizational profile,  redefine the business infrastructure, as appropriate, and introducing new procedures that will build client confidence and promote sustainability.

     Our proven approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful in advancing the organization's vision through optimal performance, increased productivity and personal and group accountability.  

     Collectively, we have grown our client business activities in the context of revenues, profits, customer growth and satisfaction accompanied by workforce development . 

     Our team includes professionals with academic training and work history in nonprofit management, housing finance and housing development, PHA operations, financial management,  federal contracting,  public policy, consulting, training,  technical assistance and entrepreneurship.  

  In short, "we talk-the-talk and we walk-the-walk".  Our skill sets are documented, and the successes are Many.

     We believe in the power of the collective realized through effective collaboration by joining with the client's personnel to transform the approach to success, to achieve the planned outcomes.  We can’t wait to start collaborating with You! 

     Your vision is important to us; your goals inform the plan-forward. We’re eager to help you advance the ball.

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Our Professionals Have Documented Successes in business development, the administration of public agencies, with workforce development leading to organizational  transformation through remote and/or site-based technical assistance; web-based and onsite staff and board training with the goal of increasing skillsets and personal and professional accountability leading to...

Operational and Financial Improvements in...

...Public Agencies, Higher Ed, Nonprofit Housing Development and Community Based Organizations with improved Board Governance and fiduciary duty; training of staff, board and volunteers of private for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  

     Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment requires informed decision-making, executing bold moves after informed decision-making, and adopting some level of risk-management in Every aspect of the organization's life-cycle. 

It is so true that we often "don't know what we don't know", and so, we become overwhelmed.  That's where professionals like mdstrum, llc enters with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help you and your team to define and prioritize what you need to know, Now! and into your future.

We hope you will allow us to guide you to a new and improved way of doing business.

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Project Launch

Achieving Your Goals

     To ensure the success of your contract goals we enter the engagement informed by the background data you provide in response to our initial  Request for information (RFI), the appointment of your primary PoC (point of contact) and the identification of an internal project working group, followed by a collaborative planning session for starting the engagement with a proven model for problem-identification and problem-solving. 

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Initial Planning Session

Expert Guidance

     With decades of demonstrated experiences, our team of business, academic, economic/housing and financial development professionals enter the engagement with the specific capabilities and expertise to facilitate the strategic conversation leading to measurable progress and organizational evolution.

    At mdstrum llc, we combine our experiences, business insights and professional skills to transform your processes and strategies; and, in turn, "the business of your business".

     We value the opportunity to help shape and improve-upon how our clients structure and manage their operations.  We know "business", but You Know YOUR Business. Together we make for a winning team!  

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Meet Dee Strum, CEO, mdstrumllc

Above The Fray

Welcome with gratitude for taking the time to learn about my 30+ year history of leading teams to evaluate and improve upon a client's organizational design for accomplishing the stated mission with recommended program and process improvements for providing superior customer service through increased levels of accountability and objective evidence of successful performance.

Upon written request, I will gladly provide a list of professional engagements, resumes/bios for personnel with documented record of skills and successes consistent with your inquiry, and relevant professional references.


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